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I asked this question before but i wrote it wrong. Here it is agian.

What is the warmest area in Arizona during the winter time? Plese help!

Thanks for all your help! :)

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    are you looking for a specific city in Arizona? bc Southern Arizona is pretty warm in winter but if you need it to be more specific I can look. I know off the top of my head thought that southern Arizona is pretty warm in winter.

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    Okay. Can you give my the warmest city in Southern Arizona during winter?

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    Phoenix I think.

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    Lol not really that's my area and its not warm right now. but ms. sue said yuma. thanks corie and ms. sue for ur help

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    Oh and Elena too. Thanks!

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    You're welcome, Jman.

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    lolz your welcome. sorry I wasn't exactly accurate. :)

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    its ok Phoenix is the second warmest so ur close.

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