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Check please and help with #5.
I have an answer but believe I'm wrong.

1.How did environmental features in Anatolia help the Hittites advance technologically? The Hattians were indigenous people who lived in Central Anatolia. As they lived in the prehistoric age before writing was introduced to Anatolia their name has come through Hittite sources.
2.What are the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?
The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism are: 1. Suffering consists of disease, old age, and death; separation from loved ones; desiring what one cannot have; and hating what one cannot avoid. 2. All suffering comes from the attempt to satisfy personal desires. 3. Suffering can be eliminated by overcoming desire. 4. Desire can be overcome by following the Noble Eightfold Path
Why did the Phoenicians develop a writing system?Phoenicians were vigorous trading people of the East Mediterranean, much more sophisticated than the others with whom they traded in the Area including Mycenae. They needed to keep records of their transactions and as aid to their various other activities like shipping and their building.

4.What were some of the factors that made Canaan a good place to settle for the Hebrews? The Canaanite hinterland that the Hebrews settled was, at the time, sparsely settled and could easily sustain a larger population. Being mountainous and relatively inaccessible, it would not be constantly fought over by more powerful neighbours, although the inhabitants would have to accept outside control by one of the regional powers.

5.What does Hebrew law required of believers? Modern Jews vary in their interpretations of these Laws, but they can be summed up in this one statement made by Rabbi Hillel about 2100 years ago.

  • World history; Check:P -

    You didn't answer the question in number 1. You didn't mention environmental features.

    2, 3, 4 are correct.

    5. What statement did Rabbi Hillel make? Jews follow the laws of the Torah, including the Ten Commandments. For more information, read this article.

  • World history; Check:P -

    1.they had access to natural iron ore deposits that enabled them or gave them easy access to the raw materials.

    And I don't quite understand 5? /: :PP

  • World history; Check:P -

    Your addition to #1 is circular -- they had access to iron ore that gave them access to iron ore??? (Iron ore is a raw material.) How can you rephrase this so you're not writing in circles?

    For #5, you need to add what Rabbi Hillel's statement was. Simply to say that he made a statement is not enough; clarify; what was that statement?

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