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Human Origins Assignment

What were the major achievements in human history during the Old Stone Age?
The major achievements during the stone age was the invention of tools. They used tools to hunt for food. They learned how to make fire.
2.How did Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons differ from earlier peoples?
The Neanderthals skulls are shaped differently from the past because their brains are bigger. CroMags skulls are like our skulls today, we came from them. We were smarter than the Neanderthals and wiped them out.

3.How did Cro-Magnon’s new tools make survival easier?
Tools were one of the first technological advances of early man. The first tools were probably sticks that were used to dig. Over time, man learned how to use rocks, stones and bones to make tools to aid them in daily life. Eventually, they learned how to make fire for warmth, cooking and protection, and learned how to turn the skin of animals into clothing.

4.In what ways did Neolithic peoples dramatically improve their lives?
Farming the cornerstone technology in the Neolithic Revolution allowed for sedentary living. Sedentary living allowed for Cities and promoted specialization of labor, which gave rise to craftsmanship, medicine, formal education, priesthoods, bureaucracy and statesmanship, et al.This also led to organized warfare, institutionalized slavery, inquisitions, pollution, epidemics, and overpopulation, to name a few ills.

5.How did the social structure of village life change as the economy became more complex?
Village life changed as the economy became more complex by further separating the social classes and increasing the importance of social status

  • World history; Check:P -

    I agree with your answers except the sentence about Cro-Magnons "wiping out" the Neanderthals. We have no proof of that.

  • World history; Check:P -

    Okay. Thank you. :D

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    You're welcome.

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