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As an Educational Assistant you are leading a group converstation with 12 grade 4 students. They are having a discussion about the story that they have just read about a boy who has stolen a toy from a local corner store. The conversation has turned to the topic of theft, and Collette a student raises her hand to make a comment. You call her name and she says " That boy in the story must have come from X country my dad says everybody from that country steals"

How would you rephrase the problematic speech to be more acceptable?

Can You give any suggestions to help me?

  • Educational Assistant -

    I'd try to find something in the story that would indicate that the boy was not from X country.

    If that doesn't work, you could point out that many small children steal things because they don't know any better.

    It's not a good practice to come out and tell a child that her father is wrong.

  • Educational Assitant -

    Thanks Ms. Sue
    Do you think that this is appropriate?
    Maybe some of the people in country X do steal, but we cant judge the boy because we don't know where he is from?

  • Educational Assitant -

    Say that is his opinion everyone has an opinion

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