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Word box affluence arrears cascade cringe crotchety format immobile impassable innovation jovial manacle martial minimum nimble onset partition perishable retrieve sinister taut

The ____ mood of our cheerful little gathering changed abruptly to sorrow when news of the tradegy came over the radio

I was able to ____ my baggage promptly after leaving the plane

Its a pleasure to watch the expert typists ____ fingers move swiftly over the keyboard

The more we tried to humor the ____ crossing guard the more irritable and demanding he seemed to become

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    I agree with all four.

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    All right again! :-)

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    Today ____ foods are shipped in refrigerated trucks to prevent spoilage

    I don't expect you to be a hero but do you have to ____ in that cowardly fashion whenever anyone so much disagrees with you?

    Although we are sure that the prisoners will make no attempt to escape the law requires us to place __ on them

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    The second answer is wrong.

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