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us history

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What issue needed to be settled before the smaller states agreed to the articles of confederation?.

A:how to pay taxes
B:ho to pay debts
C;what to do with the western lands
d:who got to vote

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    i still cant find the answer

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    Fifth paragraph of the above website:

    "By 1778, nine states had approved. However, ratification was delayed by some small states that had misgivings about the western land claims of certain states. Maryland in particular demanded that these states give their claims to the general government. When assured that most western lands would be ceded to the United States, Maryland ratified the Articles. By March, 1781, all states had approved the Articles of Confederation."

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    thank you so its who got to vote

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    No. That's not the meaning I get from that paragraph.

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    i need the answer from one of mine

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