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posted by Kevin

"All Conflict in its simplest form its struggle between good and evil.

I need a good interpretation. I cant use good and evil in the interprestation. There needs to be another word for good and evil. I don't know how to interpret without good and evil.

  1. Writeacher

    Try these and see what you think:

    Instead of "good" say "what's considered right" in the particular society.

    Instead of "evel" say "what's considered wrong" in the particular society.

  2. Kevin

    In every story there is always someone that represents the wrong traits and the right traits of a person. Right vs wrong.

  3. Kevin

    how is that interpretation above

  4. Writeacher

    ... that represents what's right and what's wrong in that culture. (... in that society)

  5. Kevin

    so how should i explain this

  6. Writeacher


    Read many of these and see what you come up with.

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