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I need to write the total ionic equation for this equation.

Copper(ii)sulfate + iron = iron(iii)+ copper.

Won't it be Cu2+ + SO4-2 + Fe = Fe3+ + Cu ?
The answer key say
3Cu2+ + 3SO4-2 + 2Fe = 2Fe3+ + 3SO4-2 + 3Cu

Where did they get the sulfate for the product from? Didn't the words equation say "iron(iii)+ copper."? Thanks

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    Your first statement(the words equation) is not correct because there is no sulfate on the product side. It should be
    Copper(ii)sulfate + iron = iron(iii) sulfate + copper.

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    The world equation didn't have any sulfate on the product side :(. I'm guessing such formula can't be right since how can there be sulfate on one side and there none on the other. So the words equation is wrong right? Thanks

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    Yes the word equation is wrong. Just an omission in the text.

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