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use exponent rules to simplify. Write as a single power, don't need to find the value.

[ (11/20)^4 x (11/20)^-8]^5

and (11/20)^-6

you cant leave an number to the power of a negative exponent. You have to change it like this ex : 2^-3 = 1/2^3 = 1/8

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    [ (11/20)^4 x (11/20)^-8]^5
    = [(11/20)^(4-8)]^5
    = [(11/20)^-4]^5
    = (11/20)^(-4*5)
    = (11/20)^-20
    = 1/(11/20)^20
    = (20/11)^20

    = 1/(11/20)^6
    = (20/11)^6

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    Thanks :)

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