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Oxidising and reduction- Chemistry?
Oxidation and reduction can be described as the loss and/or gain of electrons from an ion or atom (species) in a chemical reaction. For thefollowing aqueous reaction, select the species that is oxidized and similarly the one that is reduced:

Al(s) + 3Ag^+(aq) = 3Ag(s) + Al^3+(aq)

Which is the reactant species that is oxidising and which is the reactant species that is reducing?
Al^3+ is oxidized, Ag^+ is reduced.
is that the right answer many thanks

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    No and yes. I essentially answered this for you earlier. Al goes from zero on the left to +3 on the right; therefore, Al loses 3 electrons and Al is oxidized. Ag^+ gains electrons going from +1 on the left to zero on the right and it is reduced.

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