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Your computer is running very slow. The LED light for the hard drive blinks nearly continually, indicating that the hard drive is spinning even when data is not being saved or read from the hard drive. Based on this scenario, what is probably causing the slowness of the computer?

A. The hard drive spindles are stuck.

B. The hard drive’s I/O capacity can’t handle the demands of the computer.

C. The computer requires more memory.

D. The processor is hyper trafficking the hard drive and needs replacing.

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    My Guess is B

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    More than likely the computer requires more memory.

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    B, and C, (explanation) If the LED is lit continuously, it means that data is being Read/Written to the disk, Thus (B) the I/O capacity buffer (cache) is full, and the Read/Write speed of the drive is below standard operating speed, (SOS) The cause for this can be a lot of things. However, could be caused by a program which is writing a large file to disk (Photoshop, ect).

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