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I have immerse inflammatory persevere prevaricate relish tribute and scour

Before you ____ yourself in the bath be sure to test the temperature in the water

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    Which of your words means covered by water?

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    No matter how talented you may be you will never be successful unless you learn to ____ in what you undertake

    Only a bigot would dare to make such a rude and _____ remake even in Jest I replied.

    You may be tempted to ____ but in the long run it will be to your advantage to own up the truth about your unfortunate error

    We had to ___ the walls for hours to get rid of the dirt and grease with which they were encrusted

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    The last three are right. If the first one is persevere, it is also correct.

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    Oh sorry it is. It was a typo thanks

    You may not ___being told that your carelessness was responsible for the accident even though it happens to be true

    How can you adequately pay ____ to such an outstanding individual?

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    You have these two words reversed.

    You may not relish . . .

    How can you adequately pay tribute . . .

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