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1. There are 44 teams in the youth football league. Each team has 28 players. How many football players are there?

2. 438 people signed up for a city soccer league. The league places 15 people on each team. How many teams are there.

3. There are 544 students at field day organzied into 34 teams. How many students are on each team?

4. There are 107 teams and 19 people on each team. How many people are on teams?

I have no clue about the answers for 2 and 3. Please show and explain them.

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    2. 29, 438/15= 29.2. You divide because there are 544 people, and you need 15 for each team. But you can't have people left over and you need 15,so 29.
    3. 16, 544/34=16. Divide because,well same reason for 2.

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    1.1232 players
    2. There are 29 teams because 438\15 =29.2 so there will be a remainder of 2 people.
    3. There are 16 students on each team because 544/34 =16.
    4. 96 people are on teams

    (P.S. /=division)

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    I was just doing this for my math homework right now!! P.S. to Bob, you did the last one wrong! It's actually 2,033, dumbo!

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    There are 37 teams and 28 students on each team. How many students are there

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