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Please check and tell me what I got wrong and let me know the correct answer for the problem. Thanks.

1. Diarrhea can be caused by a change in diet and different minerals in the water.

True (yes)

2. Fusion produces less radioactivity than fission.

False (yes)

3. Wise travelers eat only cooked vegetables in underdeveloped areas.

False (yes)

4. The kilogram is the basic unit of weight in the metric system.

False (yes)

5. Every nation has something to develop for the world's benefit.

True (yes)

6. The mass of an object is dependent upon gravity.

True (yes)

7. There is no gravitational attraction on an astronaut who is orbiting the Earth.

True (yes)

8. Antimalarial drugs provide immunity to the disease.

False (yes)

9. Hypothermia is similar to sunstroke.

True (yes)

10. The world's longest continuous mountain ridge is under the ocean.

True (yes)

11. All isotopes of carbon have 6 protons.

True (yes)

12. 0.6 kilometers =
600 meters (yes)
60 meters
6,000 meters

13. 50 milliliters =
0.05 liters (yes)
0.5 liters
5.0 liters

14. 0.4 kilograms =
40 grams
400 grams (yes)
4 grams

15. The following are base units used in the metric system, which is used for the standard in mass?

gram (yes)

16. One process which supplies material for the upbuilding of a continent is the___ of existing mountains and dry land.
weathering (yes)

17. The sun and its family of planets, satellites, and planetoids is called the__
solar system (yes)

18. Mass is the amount of __ in a substance.
volume (yes)

19. An orbiting satellite in a constant state of___toward the earth.
spinning (yes)

20. Which disease did the World Health Organization believe had been eradicated worldwide?

smallpox (yes)

21. The bulk of geologic evidence indicates that the Earth’s crust has been formed by unique, rapid __ processes.
catastrophic (yes)

22. Geologists believe that _____.

the earth is a perfect sphere (yes)
the continents were once one large land mass
the continents are no longer being eroded by water
the ocean is made primarily of sodium chloride

23. The mass of an astronaut in space will be _____.

the same as on earth
greater than on earth
less than on earth (yes)

24. When bitten by an animal, one should:

keep the animal under observation for 14 days (yes)
stay under observation of a doctor for 14 days
consider rabies injections if the animal is not found
wait for symptoms to develop

25. The two sources of new materials involved in geologic processes are:

soil (yes)
erosion products (yes)

26. Weight is:

a force
a mass
free fall
velocity at the Earth's surface (yes)

27. The gravitational force on a space probe between Earth and Mars is:

small (yes)

28. Most geologists have traditionally believed that the Earth's crustal features:

have formed slowly (yes)
have formed rapidly
have never changed

29. What is true concerning the erosion of the continents?

The current measured erosion rates point to relatively young continents.
The current measured erosion rates correspond to very slow processes. (yes)
The current measured erosion rates correspond to uniformitarian theory.

30. A light-year is a measure of:

distance (yes)

31. How is the nucleus of an atom split?

by collision of atoms (yes)
by chemical reaction
by radioactive decay
by collision with a high-speed particle

32. Not all land on the Earth is habitable; therefore:

There is not enough land left to inhabit.
There is not enough land left to farm.
There is not enough land left to support the growing population.
There still remains a vast amount of land to be inhabited all over the Earth.(yes)

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