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please check:

10 to the 1st power = 10*1???

10 to the 0 power = 10*0???

I'm not sure.

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    I don't get how 10 to the 0 power equals 1

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    10^3 = 10*10*10
    10^2 = 10*10
    10^1 = 10
    10^0 = 1
    10^-1 = 1/10
    10^-2 = 1/100

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    or, if you know the laws of exponents,

    10^m / 10^n = 10^(m-n)

    if m=n, say 3,

    10^3/10^3 = 10^(3-3) = 10^0
    but 10^3/10^3 = 1

    10^(m-m) = 10^0 = 10^m/10^m = 1

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