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authorize culprit dawdle dissect expend fatality gullible illicit immerse inflammatory memorandum pathetic persevere prevaricate quash relish reminisce scour tribute writhe

Our supervisor prepared a(n) ___ that reminded the salespeople of the procedure to be followed during the holiday season

The children wont ____ over their homework if they know they'll be getting cheese and crackers as soon as they finish

The dictator ordered his secret police to ___ any attempt to organize a protest rally

Is it wise to ____ so much of your hard earned money on things that you don't really want or need?

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    The third one is wrong; the others are right.

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    Because he was seen near the scene of the crime at the time the deed was committed he was suspected of being the __

    Many people were injured in the explosion but luckily there was not a single __

    How can you adequately pay ___ to such an understanding individual

    We tried to hold Tom steady but he ___ with pain as the doctor put splints on his broken leg

    THis pass ____ you to visit certain rooms in this museum that are not open to the general public

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    All are right except the third one.

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