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I've done every other single question besides this one. (There was 12). I'm stumped and would really appreciate some help!
I have to simplify this:

I am not sure if you have to conjugate the denominator and multiply it with the top and bottom, then simplify from there or if the 3-4 equals -1 and you end up with i, an imaginary number in the radical. If so, I really do not understand what I would do from there. Please help!

  • Algebra 2/Trig -

    you have to multiply the top by the bottom then conjugate the number you get with the mean

  • Algebra 2/Trig -

    So your question is really:

    If you want to make the denominator real, or to "realize" the denominator, then ....

    = 5/(3√-1) * (√-1/√-1)
    = 5√-1/-3
    = -5√-1/3 or -5i/3

    Unless there were other imaginary numbers in the rest of your questions, I suspect a typo of sorts here.

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