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Jo's mother bought some fabric in a sale.She bought 2 1/2m white,3 1/4m red and 1 3/8 blue material. A.How much material did she buy in all? B.If the material costs $72 per meter,how much money did she spend? Please as soon as you get both answers could you please post it.Thanks

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    2 1/2 = 2 4/8
    3 1/4 = 3 2/8
    1 3/8 = 1 3/8

    A. Add those together. What is the total amount of fabric?

    B. Multiply the total amount of fabric by $72. What is the total cost?

    By the way -- $72 a meter is a very expensive fabric.

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    Thanks Ms.Sue

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    You're welcome, Annecia.

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    It sure is expensive.

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