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Homework Help: Biology
Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 1:46pm.

1. What is the term for the end of a bone that is closest to the mid line of the body?
Proximal epiphysis

2. What is the area called where the nerves pass through the scapula?
Scapular notch
Acromian process
Glenoid fossa
Subscapular fossa

3. Which two muscles attach to the xiphoid process?
Rectus abdominis/diaphragm
Aponeurosis/Transversus abdominis
Rectus abdominis/tranversus abdominis

4. Muscles supply ______ to the bones.
All of the above

5. The name of the ligament that provides support against a varus or inversion sprain of the ankle is the:
Deltoid ligament
Medial ligament
Lateral ligament
Tibionavicular ligament

6. What is the main portion or the shaft of the bone called?
Compact bone
Bone marrow
Medullary cavity

7. What is another term for the superior surface of the scapula where the biceps attach?
Acromion process
Glenoid fossa
Conoid tubercle
Coracoid process

8. The structure located between the small and large intestine is the:
Descending colon
Ileocecal valve
Sigmoid colon

9. Which muscle is involved in the adduction of the leg?
Rectus femoris
Tensor fascia latae
All of the above

10. Which is the longest muscle in the body?
Rectus femoris
Rectus abdominis
Tensor fascia latae

11. Which muscle attaches onto the cartilage of ribs five through seven?
Rectus abdominis
Psoas minor
Psoas major
Quadratus lumborum

12. In the upper-right quadrant we have what organs?
Liver and gallbladder
Spleen and stomach
Liver and spleen
Stomach and gall bladder

13. Which muscle's tendonous attachments keep the patella in its place?
Rectus femoris
Quadriceps femoris
Tensor fasciae latae
Vastus intermedius

14. The muscle that is an antagonist to both actions of the tibialis anterior is:
Tibialis posterior
Tibialis anterior
Peroneus longus

15. What are the superior bones of the skull?
Sphenoid bones
Temporal bones
Ethmoid bones
Parietal bones

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