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solving equations by sibstitution

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  • solving equations by sibstitution -

    multiply the top by positive 8 and multiply the bottom by negative 6. then cancel out the y's and solve for x. plug x back into anyone and solve for y.

  • solving equations by sibstitution -

    hmm. sounds like elimination to me.

    For substitution, pick either equation and solve for x (or y):

    6y = 2x+6
    y = x/3 + 1

    Now substitute that into the other equation:

    -7x+8y = -5
    -7x + 8(x/3 + 1) = -5
    -7x + 8x/3 + 8 = -5
    -13x/3 = -13
    x = 3
    so, y = x/3+1 = 2

    be sure to plug (3,2) into the original equations to make sure you (or I!) didn't make a mistake.

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