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Solve the following equation.


Both of the 4's should be dropped down.

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    did you mean

    log4 (x+2) = log4(x^7)
    log4(x+2) = (log4x)^7

    your right side of the equation makes no sense

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    log lower 4(x+2)=log lower 4 7. does this make sense know? How do you make the lower sign to be able to get the 4 lower??

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    I wasn't worried about the lower case, I questioned the

    it makes no sense

    that is similar to something like
    √^7 or tan ^7

    you take the log "of something" you can't just have have log

    I had guessed that there would be an x of sorts, since the left side contained the variable x

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    it is written as you have it written the first time. I couldn't make out the question. It made no sense to me.

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    ok, if it is
    log4 (x+2) = log4(x^7)

    then x+2 = x^7 , (I "un-logged it)

    x^7 = x+2 is a very nasty equation to solve, which is way beyond the scope of these kind of posts

    You could use something like Newtons method

    let y = x^7 - x - 2
    dy/dx = 7x^6 - 1

    new x = x - (x^7 - x - 2)/(7x^6 - 1)

    pick any reasonable value for x
    say x = 1 , (I know it does not work)
    newx = 1 - (1-1-2)/(7-1)
    = 1 - (-2/6) = 1.333333
    make that your next x, and using a calculator
    new x = 1.3333 - (....
    = 1.22485...


    newx = 1.1846
    newx = 1.17975..
    newx = 1.179693902
    newx = 1.179693891
    newx = 1.17969389 , wow, isn't that amazing

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