5th grade math (word problems)

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I'm not sure how to solve the following problem: If you divide 1/10 of a dollar into parts that are each 1/100 of a dollar, how many parts are there? What are they called?

To solve, would part of the answer be that i would have 10 parts of 1/100 (because I divide 100 by 10 and each part has to be 1/100). Not sure what this would be called.

When you answer, can you please explain how you got the answer so i can understand?

  • 5th grade math (word problems) -

    Yes, you're right.

    A dollar is divided into 100 coins called ____?______.

  • 5th grade math (word problems) -

    pennies! Thanks Ms. Sue

  • 5th grade math (word problems) -

    You're welcome, Alex.

  • 5th grade math (word problems) -

    That's the same thing i'm looking for.

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