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plzz HELP me with my social studies i need to get this one done within 10 min plzz

Which word most closely means civility? (1 point)


Civic-mindedness most encourages people to (1 point)

speak their minds about issues honestly.
treat other citizens with respect.
pay attention to government affairs.
study the history of the United States.

What is the most important way that citizens can participate in a democracy? (1 point)

volunteering, because community relies on volunteer support
going to protests, because government pays a great deal of attention to rallies
voting, because citizens must choose leaders for government to be fair
writing ballot initiatives, because otherwise laws cannot be made

What is one way that young people can participate in their communities? (1 point)

running for office
serving on juries

plzz i am not trying to cheat it is just that i am horrible at social studies and i need your help plzz don't threaten me because my DAD is a COP/LAWYER so you will pay that price not trying to be harmful but just letting you know and i really need your HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    No one here will do your work for you. Post what you think, and we'll check your work for you.

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    You said to post my anwsers
    3.a 4???????
    now can you HELP me?????plzz i have to get this done now i am already behind on it

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    I disagree with all your answers.

    Use this website and your text to find the meanings of all words you don't understand unquestionably:

    Repost after you have read and studied the words and your text. No guessing!

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    plzz just plzz HELP me i have to get this done now plzz i don't have time to look it all up and i really need your help im begging you

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    begging you begging you plzzzplzzplzzplzzplzz just plz help MEMMEMEMEMEMEEM I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE

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    As Writeacher said, No one here will do your work for you.

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    Sue she said to put my answers and i did she said that she would check them and she did not i need you HELP and this website is supposed to HELP and right now it is not your supposed to teach me and stuff like that and if your not willing to do that i will call whoever owns this websites and get both of you kicked off i am not trying to be mean but this is what you are at risk for all of these tutors are supposed to HELP and you are NOT!0123456789 BREATH and HELP ME OR remember what I SAID about telling and i bet if they kick you of and get a new pair of tutors they will be willing to HELP what YOU GUYS are not doing if you do not wite back within 12:15 - 2:30 I will tell if you do not HELP and that is final I hope you understand

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    Sue i have gave you a timeline which you have past this is the last time i will limit your timeline till 4:00 that is it write back OR REMEMBER what i said that is final and i hope you understand 012345678910 BREATH and HELP ME OR remember what i said! I am not trying to be RUDE but you guys are supposed to help not to check answers HELP get it HELP HELP HELP now if your not willling to help you will pay the conseqenses I HOPE you UNDERSTAND!

    As i would say to the kind people other than u which i should NOT say but gladly i am in a good mood PEACE!

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    THIS is your last warning don't be surprize if you get a dissapointing phone call

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    Oh -- who's going to call me??

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    I am not trying to be mean! But you guys are supposed to HELP not to just check answers or tell us to look on another website. You are supposed to (HELP) on the website discription it says 200 tutors willing to Help but i think it is 298 you and the writeacher. I am not trying to be mean but this is all (TRUE)!!!

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