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A pendulum and a mass spring system are both undergoing simple harmonic motion on Earth (use g = 10 N/kg). It is observed that every time the pendulum goes back and forth, the spring has gone up and down 14 times. If the pendulum has a length of 5 meters and the mass is 100 g, determine:

The period of the pendulum?

The period of the spring-mass system?

the spring constant of the spring?

On the moon, how many times will the mass bounce up and down when the pendulum swings back and forth one time?

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    T^2 = 4*pi^2*(L/g).
    T^2 = 39.48*(5/10) = 19.74
    T = 4.44 s. = Period of pendulum.

    T = 4.44s/14 = 0.317 s.

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