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calculus--please check

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analyze the graph of the function


a. what is the domain?
I think it is x‚-3 (-‡,-3)(-3‡)

b. what is the equation of the vertical asymptote? is it x= -3

c. what is the horizontal asymptotes?

  • calculus--please check -

    Be sure to use parentheses to disambiguate order of operations. I was about to consider (a) wrong because it was not clear thet (x+3) was the denominator, not x.

    the domain is all reals except where the denominator of any term is zero. In this case, all reals ≠ -3. Your idea of a domain is strange, if you say "x" is in the domain. In symbols,

    {x|x ≠ -3}
    x ∊ (-∞,-3)∪(-3,∞)

    (b) correct
    (c) correct

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