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I think this question has a typo because none of the multiple choice answers fit.

The question is which of the following values is in the solution set of inequality 8-7x<-6?
A) -3 B)-2 C)2 D)-6

A if you plug in -3 you get
29<-6 no
B) 8+14<-6 no
c) 8-14<-6 so -6<-6 no
D) 8+42<-6 no
Did I do something wrong or are there no correct answers?
Thank you

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    -7x < -6 -8

    -7x < -14

    x = 2

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    x can be any number smaller than 2.

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    so is there one of the multiple choice questions that are correct, since three numbers in the multiple choice that are less than 2. As you see above
    Thank you

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    Ahh -- but the other solutions are negative number. The answer for c, 2, is the only solution that is positive.

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    I went on the website you showed me. It said when you mult. or divide a neg, like -7x you change the sign, so shouldn't it be that x>2.

    I am really confused

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    when you check your answer and put 2 in to do a check it comes out
    this is not true unless it was greater than or equal to, that is why I believe there is no correct answer to the question. Isn't that right?

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