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How to cite a PDF file?

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    In MLA or APA or what?

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    MLA 7th edition..I am using citation machine
    I don't know which one of the categories I need to use because I need to show the pages too...

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    It probably depends on what it's a pdf of ... newspaper, newsletter, book, what?

    Scroll all the way to the bottom of this webpage. The last two examples are of sources in pdf format.

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    I am not sure..it has something to do Adoption by LGBT Parents

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    Its online, should I write Pdf or Web?

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    Use the webaddress -- follow the directions for an electronic source in the list on the left:


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    thank you..
    How about how to cite a dictionary?

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    In print? Online?

    The whole dictionary? Or an entry in the dictionary?

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