Sandy Hook shooting report paper

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I am writing a paper for my school blog about the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. I was wanting any thoughts and all of that stuff. There were many people killed; the shooter, 20 kids, 6 teachers, and his mother. What is your opinion, thoughts, feelings, etc.? Thank you so much, as I know this may be a touchy subject for a lot of people, even those who aren't connected to any of the victims. I appreciate all opinions extremely.

  • Sandy Hook shooting report paper -

    You need to focus your thoughts: what about the shooting? Security? Mental Illness treatment? gun control? GI Joe walking the halls?

    Without focus, your article will never be sharp.

    We will be happy to critique your thoughts, but we are not so keen on having opinion surveys here.

  • Sandy Hook shooting report paper -

    Oky, I understand. Thank you.

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