posted by WINNIE

My sentence is : The women rose their voice.

is rose ok or is that the wrong spelling.

pleese help and thank you.

  1. T.J And the Vibe

    Yes it is Ok I don't see nothing wrong with it


    ok thanks, rose is also a flower and i thought that there was a different spelling. but thank :)



  4. T.J And the Vibe

    You are welcome!

  5. Ms. Sue

    You and T.J. are wrong!

    The women raised is correct.



    but raised is past tense and i don't want that, i want present tense as in rose

  7. Ms. Sue

    You need the past tense -- as you used "rose," which is past tense.

    Do you mean "The women raise their voices?"


    no, i guess i needed the past tense so rose would work.... right ?

  9. Aliza

    No rose is not right. duh. it should be - THE WOMEN RAISE THEIR VOICE.

  10. Ms. Sue

    Rose is not right! The women RAISED their voices.

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