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2. Read the passage and answer the following question:

Within a few hours after bidding good-by to General Washington, Captain Hale, taking with him one of his own trusty soldiers, left the camp at Harlem, intending at the first opportunity to cross Long Island Sound. There were so many British guard ships on the watch that he and his companion found no safe place to cross until they had reached Norwalk, fifty miles up the Sound on the Connecticut shore. Here a small sloop was to land Hale on the other side.

Stripping off his uniform, the young captain put on a plain brown suit of citizen's clothes, and a broad-brimmed hat. Thus attired in the dress of a schoolmaster, he was landed across the Sound, and shortly afterwards reached the nearest British camp.

The redcoats received the pretended schoolmaster cordially. A captain of the dragoons spoke of him long afterwards as a “jolly good fellow.” Hale pretended that he was tired of the “rebel cause,” and that he was in search of a place to teach school.

It would be interesting to know just what the “schoolmaster” did in the next two weeks. Think of the poor fellow's eagerness to make the most of his time, drawing plans of the forts, and going rapidly from one point to another to watch the marching of troops, patrols, and guards. Think of his sleepless nights, his fearful risk, the ever-present dread of being recognized by some Tory. All this we know nothing about, but his brave and tender heart must sometimes have been sorely tried.

Blaisdell, Albert F., and Francis K. Ball. Hero Stories from American History.
Boston: Ginn and Company, 1903. Print.

Which of the following ideas from this excerpt would probably not be easily found in other sources? (4 points)
that British ships were nearby
that Hale was full of fear and dread
that Hale served under Washington
that Washington's troops were at Harlem


    i think its #4


    The history books all have the location of Washington and his army, but they have no idea if Hale was scared. (although I bet he was)

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