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I have two questions, please help.
1. Uss completing the square to describe the graph of the following function. Support your answers graphically.

f(x)= -2x^2+4x+7
please show work.

2. Can someone help me to graph this function?
Then find the
a. vertex
b. axis of symmetry
c. intercepts, if any

  • calculus -

    f(x) = -2(x^2-2x) + 7
    = -2(x^2-2x+1) + 7 + 2
    = -2(x-1)^2 + 9

    f(x) = x^2-6x+5
    = x^2-6x+9 + 5-9
    = (x-3)^2 - 4

    now you know all there is to know about the parabola.

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