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when whalers first began hunting, they used small rowboats and were able to find many whalers near the shore. Later, the whalers needed bigger ships, and their whaling trip lasted much longer. Sometimes, whalers were gone for many moths or even years. Explain why the whaling industry changed.

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    What do you think?

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    because if the size of the ships?

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    Why did the ships get larger?

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    becasue of the size of the whales or the many amounts of the whales too big for the boat???

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    The whales were getting scarcer. At one time the whalers could find a lot of whales close to shore. But the whales got scarce when so many were killed. Then the whalers had to get larger boats and go farther and farther from home to find whales.

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    thanks :D

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    You're welcome.

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