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I have to do a school essay but don't have a awesome intro please help!!!
B.T.W it has to do with candy canes

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    If your essay said that candy canes are toxic, cause weight gain, and are an abomination to the spirit of Christmas -- then you might start "Stay away from candy canes!'

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    well, what about candy canes are you writing about??? btw, love the username :)

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    ms sue, I read somewheres that candy canes are actually good for least certain ones are...

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    thanks baileybubble but I need an intro that has to do with candy canes example (teacher):need a buddy for the holidays that tastes good well I am gona show u how to make 1."its called the candy cane reindeer project pretty kinder garden but a easy grade

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    What is your essay about? What is your thesis statement?

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    it is about making a render candy cane in chronological order but I need a intro

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    Be a magician! Change a candy cane into a reindeer!

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    omg thank you god bless you

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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