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can you see if i have good grammar,usage, mechanics and spelling

Job description: use various types of equipment, develop, secure, and packages. Physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison, prepares detailed reports on the observation and activities at the scene for law enforcement agency.

Training and education required: enroll in a bachelors degree program in criminal justice, or bachelors degree in forensic science, forensic, anthropology or forensic biology. Training can begin in college, with courses in chemistry, forensic, anatomy, and biology. Requires at least 700 hours of training in the proper processing of a crime scene. At least 80 hours of training in fingerprint retrieval and analysis, at least 80 hours of training in death investigation, 50 hours of training in bloodstain analysis and 40 hours of training in photography, in addition to attend study in arson causes, forensic pathology and firearms.

Personal abilities and interest: engaged in searching, evaluating, collecting, documenting, and otherwise assessing crime scene evidence, Requires a clear speaking voice, the ability to receive, understand and act upon oral instructions thorough the use of a radio. Requires ability to lift heavy objects and equipment weighing up to 100 pounds. Requires ability to walk, stand, stoop, crawl, kneel, climb and push/pull objects. Must be able to visually identify or describe persons, vehicles, locations or describe physical evidence and crime scenes by sketching, report writing and providing courtroom testimony. how they save people lives and how they get to investigate who committed the crime.

Working condition: uses their scientific prowess to uncover the truth they can help identify a criminal and analyze evidence.

Average earning for the job: $24,083- $64,564

Outlook for job opportunities: Csi duties fall under the bureau description of a forensic science technician, while others are covered under the job profile for criminal investigation. Employment of forensic science technicians is expected to grow by 19 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Why is this the best profession for you: because I like to investigate and I want the world to be a better place so while doing csi I help to uncover the truth and find the criminal.

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    If you will isolate only what YOU wrote and post only that, I'll check it for you.

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