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I was unsure how to do this part... I still put the answers. Will you correct them if they are wrong and explain to me how to do it right? Thanks!
Son las tijeras de nosotros. Son____________ tijeras.Son los gatos de la Sra. Barbosa.---- NOSOTROS
Son____________ gatos.Es el televisor de Pilar. ---- NOSOTROS
Es____________ televisor.Son los libros de nosotras. ----SU
Son__________ libros. ---- SUS

  • spanish III -

    1. Son ___nuestras____ tijeras : it is nuestras because the scissors are feminine and so the ours has to be female

    2. Nuestros : very close you just have to change the nosotros to nuestros since it is "our" cats not "we" cats

    3. "su" is correct :and so is "sus".. :)

    hope this helped

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