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A person with AB blood type is transfused with type O blood. What happens and why?
The textbook says there will be no immune reaction.

I understand that the transfused type O red blood cells have no antigens and the recipient type AB plasma has no antibodies.

However, won't the transfused type O plasma have AB antibodies that will react with the AB antigens present on recipient type AB red blood cells?

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    There are two types of tranfusion: Packed red blood cells, and plasma

    In packed RBC, there will be no immune reaction to the type 0 blood

    in the transfer of plasma, the situation is reversed, and you are correct. The reverse occues: type O plasma is not the universal donor here, it can only be transfused to 0 blood types.

    In the question, it is not refering to a plasma transfer.

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    What you are saying makes perfect sense, but the textbook question specifically says a blood transfusion, and blood has both RBC and plasma.

    I presume that "blood transfusion" is a common shorthand for RBC transfusion and I wasn't familiar with that shorthand.

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