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Can you check these?

Strong attractive forces that keep atoms connected together are called _____.

A. valence electrons

B. chemical bonds

C. cations

D. anions

Which of the following is NOT a type of bonding that occurs between atoms?

A. covalent bonding

B. metallic bonding

C. ionic bonding

D. All of these are types of bonding that occurs between atoms
A discrete unit of atoms that are bonded together is a(n) _____.

A. electron

B. anion

C. molecule

D. cation

A covalent bond is a bond between atoms that --

A. are all metals

B. have different electrical charge

C. have a shared pair of electrons

D. All of the above
How many electrons are shared between atoms in a double covalent bond?

A. one

B. two

C. four

D. six
How many electrons are shared between atoms in a triple covalent bond?

A. one

B. two

C. four

D. six
When electrons are shared unequally in a molecule, the result is --

A. an ionic bond

B. a polar covalent bond

C. a non-polar covalent bond

D. no bonding occurs
An atom's ability to draw bonding electrons to itself is called --

A. equal change distribution

B. covalent bonding

C. electronegativity

D. ionic bonding
When an atom in a molecule is more electronegative than the other atoms, this causes --

A. unequal charge distribution

B. the molecule to be non-polar

C. no equal change distribution

D. no polarity in the molecule
Which scientist assigned values for the electronegativity of atoms?

A. Bohr

B. Pauling

C. Einstein

D. Aristotle
Which of the following is the most electronegative atom?

A. hydrogen

B. francium

C. fluorine

D. oxygen
A molecule such as H2, in which equal sharing of electrons occurs, is called _____.

A. non-polar

B. polar

C. a cation

D. ionic
On the periodic table, electronegativity increases --

A. down a group

B. going from the left to the right

C. going from the right to the left

D. going from the top to the bottom


  • Chemistry;Check?! -

    I won't do this again. I wrote a note to a student last night (I'm assuming you are that student) saying your choice for displaying answers and questions was confusing. No one paid attention. Please do the following if you want my help.
    1. number each question.
    2. Don't write the next question with no space between it and the last question. I can't tell which are answers and where the new question starts.
    3. DON'T put all of the answers at the end. Do this.

    1. number the questions
    2. Write the question, follow that by the choices, show your choice with an X, skip a couple of spaces, type the next question.

    The only way I could check this set you posted was to print it out, number the questions, number the answers, match answer and question, and post this note. I spent an intolerable amount of time dealing with just ONE post.
    All of your answers look ok to me except number two(2) is wrong.

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