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1. What action is happening in the poem? Is there a story taking place in the poem? Is the poet reacting to an event? Describe.
Edgar is describing his future love. They were only kids when they met, but Edgar knew he loved her. His is telling the story of how they met and grew up together. He tells how she dies and he has to live with that.He knew he would fall in love with her too! Yes it does tell a story. Edgar is reacting fairly well. He seems to be showing his love for Annabel.

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    Annabel Lee poem

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    "future love" ????

    Everything else reads OK.

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    UMMM we live in the 20 century .....
    YES. person.

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    You have to tell the story from Edgar's perspective, and he did not live in the 20th or 21st century.


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    I know what future means , Thanks though!!

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    Vanessa: Think on this. Poe was a drunk, and prone to deep depression. He often wrote in dark despair.
    Poe's wife Virginia had died two years earlier of tuberculosis. She had been the sole spark in his life, aside from writing. He and Virginia were married when she was 13 years old...she definitely was a child bride, but still, the love of his life.
    Now reread the poem: it is a tribute to his enduring love for Virginia, and very reflective of his enduring depression, which in time, without Virginia, cost him dearly. Today, he would function well on meds, but then, all he could find solace in was alcohol, and dark moods.

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