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is this a good story can i get ideas

She left that morning, taking all she could with her clothes, money, phone; as she headed toward the straggle subway as she bounded many people screamed at her and told her names but she didn’t care she was so lost in this maroon world she didn’t care what they said. As she engrossed herself and got on the subway, she heard her name “Katrina! Katrina!” but it was too late she didn‘t want to reach out for them no more her only friend the one who was there for her when everyone else criticized her had abandoned her, her family didn‘t want her she felt useless no she was useless. She knew she could not hide forever they would eventually find her but for now there was no other way.
She woke up the next day when she noticed a sect just staring at her bewildered. Wondering if she had something on her face she carefully sat up and looked out the window when she noticed nothing was wrong with her face when something crossed her mind how many 13 year old were there that are awaiting a child and left home to forget the past and move on; not many I suppose. When they did not stop staring at her, she started feeling very claustrophobic, so she stood up and left leaving all her stuff behind not caring if they were stoled.
As she bound up the deserted sidewalks she noticed a hamper with food inside; as she looked attentively if people were watching she saw a lady talking to a baker they were the only people there so it was obvious it was the ladies hamper. Carefully she grabbed it and ran when she heard a vigorous voice from behind “help! I’ve been robbed somebody help me!” when she knew she was out of sight she sat down on the sidewalk looking at the food with glimmer eyes and ate it with so much will. When a hand covered her mouth and a husky voice said, “Don’t move or I‘ll shoot” while placing a gun to her head and a washcloth to her face, and then she finally knew it was finally over.
I woke up in a dark room tied in a chair so tight i couldn’t feel my hands, i noticed i was in a dark room with no windows and it was totally empty. I heard mumbling and the door creaked open
“Ahh I see your awake” “where am I what do you want from me” I said almost in a whisper
“ don’t worry about it you’ll figure it out soon” and left me bewildered well the good part is that he took these horrible ropes from me. I was thinking of my escape plan when the door opened a boy about my age was standing there watching me attentively. “hey my name is marcus my dad told me to come and get you” “what are they trying to do to me please help I’m scared” “I’m afraid I can’t help you I’m really sorry” and he led me to an massive door. “go in” marcus said. “what! I can’t go in there alone what if they do something to me” but before I could say anything else he pushed me and I fell right inside those doors. There were many people about fifty or so all looking me with intimidate eyes.
“welcome Katrina take a seat” “ why am I here if I may ask” “I am king phiilip the third and I want you to become a spy who will spy on the enemy I will be given you directions and you will go to class immediately” “um sire there a little problem one I’m pregnant and two I don’t understand class” “class you know a place where you go to learn” “I know what a class is I just don’t understand why I have to go” “you will go to train to become a spy starting tomorrow and as for the child you either do an obortion or I kill it”
I woke up with a banging on my door and got ready for school ughh how I hate this well it turned out pretty fun I met many people though I had to be excused from many activities cause of the child.
It was finally the day when I would have my child it was going to be a girl I was deciding between the names carolina or kimberly. When the king came
“have you decided if you were going to get an abortion or should I do the pleasure of killing it” “why can’t I keep it I’ll take care of it I promise please!” “fine on one condition” “yes your honor” “you will be my slave” king phillip said smirking. “fine as long as it lives” and I headed of the the doctor.
It had been a week since carolina was born and its been terrible king phiilip takes advantage of me while they take my child and put her in some room I don’t get to see her until the weekends. Today it was my first mission I was on the plane heading to france when I received an anonymous call
“leave! Don’t go on that plane or I’ll kill your family” on the background you could heard muffled sounds when an echoing voice shouted “Katrina save us!!” and bam bam bam the gun shot fired but not before telling me
Well my first mission was a success I got information from spies from france they would do naything to talk to a lady so I had to go undercover and dress up it took me some time but I got information of all kind, I still remember the shotgun I remember the voices screaming for help all this keeps me up all night I can’t sleep which is really weird one moment they kicked me out the next they want me to come and get them but I guess that’s what a family is.
As for my child it been very corrupt she has been diagnosed with cancer and is in treatment and I can’t even see her king phiilip won’t let me he says that it doesn’t matter whether she lives or dies whats most important is that he is safe, what a selfish guy if I could I would tear him into pieces

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