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My teacher said that we needed to do a book report or a movie report. 1. Can someone post a website of book reports and movie reports.

I wanted to do a report on Hunger Games but the book version and movie version is different.

  • book/movie report -

    Read carefully and follow the directions.

    If you want someone to read your report before you turn it in, feel free to re-post. (Make sure it's not your rough draft, though!)

  • book/movie report -

    Hope this helps:
    type in sparknotes to google

  • book/movie report -

    Hunger Games is a good choice. Choose either the movie or book version to report on. Or -- you could compare and contrast the two.

    Follow your teacher's directions about what to include in your report.

  • prince and the pauper -

    help me find out 4 diffrences and 4 similar things about the movie and the play

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