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Calculat the absolute value of:

PS. The brackets are supposed to be the straight lines for the absolute symbols.

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    who are all these people that can't find the "|" key? It's shift-\ on every keyboard I've seen.

    4-|x-3| = 0
    if (x-3) > 0, |x-3| = x-3 and we have
    4-(x-3) = 0
    4-x+3 = 0
    7-x = 0
    x = 7

    if (x-3) < 0, |x-3| = -(x-3) = 3-x
    4-(3-x) = 0
    1+x = 0
    x = -1

    Note that sometimes there are unusable solutions, as in some case where you have

    if (x+3) > 5
    and you end up with a "solution" of x = -2
    which does not satisfy the condition.

    In this problems, the solutions obeyed the conditions.

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    In order to void the absolute value bars, it needs to stand by itself.

    So 4=|x-3|

    Now get rid of the value bars and you get:

    7 = x

    Plug it in and see !

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