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Which letters exist in the Spanish alphabet, but not in the English?
A. ll
B. ch
C. ñ
D. s
E. none of the above
F. a,b,& c only

My answer was : B

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    This one also.

    If a noun ends in "ión" in Spanish, its gender is:
    A. masculine
    B. feminine
    C. depends on whether it's a male or female noun
    D. depends on the adjective it modifies
    E. both masculine and feminine
    F. depends on whether the article is "el" or "la"

    My answer: B

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    ll and ch were long considered separate letters in Spanish. Look in a Spanish dictionary. They have their own sections.

    As of about 2010 they were no longer considered as separate letters.

    So, you may be correct, depending on how traditional your course is.

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    LA Traición (Feminine) - The treason, betrayal.
    EL camión (masculine) - The truck.

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