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Can someone read over this paper and tell if it's okay?

Plagiarism Assignment

This is an interesting and serious topic. For this lesson I want you to write a 3-4 paragraphs about what you have found out about plagiarism: Search the Internet and find out what you can about plagiarism. Remember to include the web sites. Report back with your findings. Remember to include your sources (web sites), and to summarize the information. Give your point of view regarding plagiarism. Be careful - in your own words.


Dictionaries describe plagiarism, as being able "to steal and pass off the ideas of another and use them as their owns".

Plagiarism is not yet illegal, but you can get sued. Sometimes you can get caught using plagiarism, and sometimes you will not. For example I read someone's view of plagiarism, and her daughter was sent to the principals office. She was sent to his office for plagiarism, and threatens to be arrested. She was upset and believed that her daughter did not copy and paste another person's paper. She Then compared and contrasted other students papers. She then realized that another student in her daughter's same grade actually DID commit plagiarism, but the principal did nothing about it. Her daughter got an "F" as her grade. Even if you get caught or not, you'll still have to live with the guilt. There are also many other types of plagiarism. There are ten common plagiarisms. I'll only name a few. The first is "Clone", clone is " submitting another's work word for word as one's own". The second is "CRTL-C". CRTL-C is "Containing significant portions or the text from a single source without alterations. The third is "Find-Replace". Find- replace is "changing key words and phrases but retaining the essential content of the source". The forth is "Remix". Remix is "paraphrases from multiple sources, made to fit together". The fifth is "Recycle". Recycle is Borrowing generously from the writer’s previous work without citation". The sixth is "hybrid". Hybrid is "Combining perfectly cited sources with copied passages without citation". Yes, they all generously sound the same, but they are very much different.

There are ways to prevent plagiarism. If you intend to use someone's else words, use quotation marks. Don't pass it off as your own words. You can make notes of some of the work you intend to use, but do not put that in your writing paper. A few steps you can use when writing your paper, is "make it clear who said and wrote what". You should learn and know how to paraphrase. You have to change everything about the sentence, without changing the content of the sentence.

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