3rd grade math

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Enzo and Eric are sharing a pie. If Enzo eats 1/3 of the pie and Eric eats 1/5 of the pie, is there more than 1/2 of the pie remaining?

  • 3rd grade math -

    1/3 = 10/30
    1/5 = 6/30
    1/2 = 15/30

    What do you think?

  • 3rd grade math -

    So the answer is no because there is only 1/2 left and nothing more than that?

  • 3rd grade math -

    You're right that the answer is no.

    10/30 + 6/30 = 16/30

    That is more than 15/30 so less than 1/2 the pie remains.

  • 3rd grade math -

    no there is only 14/30 of it left

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