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What are the dependent and independent clauses in the following sentences?

When the campfire was burning steadily, all the campers sat on the ground around it, and someone began to tell a scary story.

After he had been in the house for an hour or so, he began to hear strange noises, but they didn't frighten him

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    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    When the campfire was burning steadily is dependent

    All the campers sat on the ground around it

    Someone began to tell a story

    After he had been in the house for an hour or so

    He began to hear strange noises.

    They didn't frighten him

    What about the word but in this sentence?

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    The word "but" is a conjunction joining the two clauses of the compound sentence.

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    Are the other answers correct? Now I think he began to hear strange noises, but they didn't frighten him is a independent clause (just one and not two)

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    The other answers are correct. Your last example is two independent clauses.

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