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A solid block of water (m = 10 grams, Ti = -4 degrees Celsius) is shrink wrapped in an ultra thin super plastic (that has absolutely no effect on the interaction between its contents and the surrounding environment) and is placed as ammo inside a spring loaded cannon. The spring in these cannon has a “stiffness” of 250117 N/m and is compressed by 1 meter. The cannon is oriented so it fires horizontally.

Upon release, the spring expands accelerating the block from rest. The block scrapes against the inside of the cannon as it’s launched. After launch, the block bounces off the ground 8 times (leaving dents along the way) ultimately coming to a rest 20 meters from the front of the cannon. During the entire ordeal, 50% of the energy went into permanent deformation and 10% went to sound.
- If the final temperature of the block is 0 degrees Celsius, then by what percent has the block melted?
- otherwise, what is the final temperature of the block?

I have no idea how to begin this problem, any help is appreciated!

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