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There are 18 students in Mrs. Meek's 1st period class. Ten of those students are boys. Which of the following shows the ratio of girls to boys
A.10 to 18
B.10 to 8
C.4 to 5
D.4 to 9

The Science classes at Hutson have a student count of 9 males and 15 females.The art classes have the same ratio but are smaller in size. Which of the following can represent the student count of males and females in the Art class?
A. 3 to 5
B.18 to 30
C.3 to 9
D.12 to 18

Kim's target is to burn 132 calories while walking on the treadmill in the gym. She burned 1/3 of those calories in the first 4 minutes. Based on this info which of the following is a reasonable conclusion
A.Kim burned 50% of her targeted calories in 4 minutes
B.It took kim 20 minutes to burn 132 calories
C.Kim burned about 30 calories in 4 min
D.Kim burned more than 80 calories after 8 min

  • Math -

    Now wait a minute. What do you think the answer to the first question is?
    Hint - there are 8 girls

    Try first. Ask us later.

  • Math -

    I put C.

  • Math -

    No. Neither D nor C is the answer to the first question. Please read the question carefully.

    The other two answers are right.

  • Math -

    I got C too. 8/10 = 4/5
    I did not see his answers

  • Math -

    I don't get how C is wrong. The ratio for girls to boys is 8/10 and it rounds to 4/5

  • math -- oops! Sorry! -

    Ooops! Sorry I was the one who didn't read carefully. Of course, you and Damon are correct.

  • Math -

    Okay Thank you!

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