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An ice skater of mass m is given a shove on a frozen pond. After the shove she has a speed of 2m/s. Assuming that the only horizontal force that acts on her is a slight frictional force between the blades of the skates and the ice:

a.) Identify the horizontal force and two vertical forces that act on her.

b.) Use the work-energy theorem to find the distance the skater moves before coming to rest. Assume that the coefficient of kinetic friction between the blades of the skates and ice is .12

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    horizontal friction

    vertical gravity down, force up from ice equal and opposite

    initial Ke = (1/2) m v^2 = .5*4 m = 2 m Jloules
    final Ke = 0

    normal force at ice = 9.81 * m
    friction force = .12 (9.81) m

    work done = Force * distance
    = .12 * 9.81* m * d = change in ke = 2 m
    d = .12*9.81/2 meters

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