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When 100 mL of Ba(NO3)2 solution at 25 degrees Celsius is mixed with 100 mL solution CaSO4 solution at 25 degrees Celsius in calorimeter, the white solid BaSO4 forms and the temperature of the mixture increases to 28.1 degrees Celsius. Assuming that the calorimeter absorbs only a negligible quantity of heat and the specific heat capacity of the solution is 4.184 J/g.degrees Celsius, and that the density of the final solution is 1.0 g/mL, calculate the enthalpy change of this reaction.

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    Ba(NO3)2 + CaSO4 ==> BaSO4 + Ca(NO3)2
    mols Ba(NO3)2 = M x L = ?. No M given in the problem.

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