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how to prepare 100cm3 of 1.0moldm3 copper sulphate and from this prepare 100cm3 of 0.1 moldm3 solution.similarly use the 0.1moldm3 to prepare a 0.05 moldm3 ,and the 0.05moldm3 solution to prepare 0.01 moldm3 and 0.001moldm3solution.

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    I don't think you mean moldm3. I think you omitted the / mark and you should have written mol/dm^3
    You want 1 mol/dm^3 CuSO4. If that is CuSO4 (and not CuSO4.5H2O) then take 15.96 g CuSO4 in 100 cc.
    To use this soln to prepare 0.1 mol/cm^3, use 10 cc and dilute to 100 cc.

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